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Use "bienvenue" (bee-ahng-veh-noo) in Canada. The word "bienvenue" literally means "welcome" in french. However, it's typically used to welcome people into your home or elsewhere, not to mean "you're welcome." french canadians are the only french speakers who use this word this way.
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Using Ça me fait plaisir to say you’re welcome in french Ça me fait plaisir is another one that you’ll hear often in Canada. Although it’s pretty common to hear ça me fait plaisir anywhere in the french-speaking world you’ll also hear it used to mean “you’re welcome” in Canada.
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Bienvenue au Canada! welcome to Canada (used to welcome visitors, the preposition au should be used with masculine nouns for countries) HELP US MAKE THIS SITE BETTER Please, take a survey and help us make a better site for you.
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Je vous en prie is the most formal, traditional way to say “you’re welcome” in french. This is the phrase to employ in a business setting or when you want to show someone extra respect.
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The french canadian “You’re welcome” In France, Bienvenue means “welcome”, as in “welcome to France” or “welcome to Paris”. However, in Québécois french, Bienvenue is also used to say “You’re welcome”. It’s used the same way as De rien.
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A reader of OffQc asks whether or not it’s possible to hear bienvenue in the sense of you’re welcome. The answer is yes — not only does bienvenue mean welcome (to this place), but it’s also often used in response to merci with the meaning of you’re welcome.
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canadian English and canadian french (marked as Cdn below) sometimes differ from the forms spoken elsewhere, but in general, the differences are not too great to impede comprehension to speakers of other national dialects of the two languages. Here are some helpful phrases in canadian English and canadian french. The very basic ones ...
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The Welcoming Francophone Communities initiative will help support french-speaking newcomers across Canada. 14 communities were selected to get $12.6 million (over 3 years) for projects to make Francophone newcomers feel welcome in their new community. This initiative is co-led by: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)