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Let me first point out that in France, one does not say: bienvenue in response to merci This is a literal translation of Welcome and often heard in Quebec French, Some people criticize it for being a poor translation, but it is becoming widespread. To avoid any negative perceptions, it is probably best to avoid this word even if it is quite common.
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In French the situation is similar; there are many ways to respond to "merci", "merci beaucoup" or "Je vous remercie (beaucoup)". Be careful. You must avoid at all costs the temptation to translate word for word from English. The results are inevitably very awkward and show a poor command of idiomatic French.
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How to respond to MERCI in FRENCH
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Learn French - How to Respond to "Merci Beaucoup"
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There are two parts to the problem of learning to master French gender agreement. The first, relatively simple, is getting the noun gender right. This is not too difficult because the ending of a word often indicates the gender. Most words ending in -tion, -té -erie, -ise, -euse, -esse, -elle, -trice, -ine, -ure, and -ette are feminine.
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Answer: Short answer: "De rien", meaning: "What I just did for you is nothing" Longer answer: "Mon plaisir", meaning: "I was very pleased to do it for you" Even ...
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http://www.primehow.com/LearnFrenchSome people decide to learn how to speak French because of different reasons. They may be going on a French vacation and s...
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The commonest answers to 'merci beaucoup' in French are: - pas de quoi / il n'y a pas de quoi (no problem, that's nothing) - de rien (that's nothing) - je vous en prie (you're welcome).
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How does someone respond to "merci beaucoup"? Close. 1. Posted by. L3. 6 years ago. Archived. How does someone respond to "merci beaucoup"? In several other languages there is a phrase that is to be uttered after someone thanks you, like "you're welcome" in English. Is there a French equivalent and what is it? 3 comments. share. save.
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merci beaucoup – de rien ! 2. Je t’en prie. It is a more polite expression Je t’en prie with friends Je vous en prie formal or plural. 3. Il n’y a pas de quoi. Or pas de problème, pas de soucis. 4. Tout le plaisir est pour moi. After a mutual help. 5. merci à vous. merci à toi (if you know the person) 6. C’est moi