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The recordio machine recorded at 78 rpm with decent fidelity. These machines also included an AM radio receiver. With this function you could record your favorite radio broadcasts to listen to time and time again. These machines were marketed to the middle class through such media outlets as Ebony and Life magazine.
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How To Build A home recording Studio Setup Building an audio home recording studio has become increasingly attractive over the past decade. The evolution of online producers, advancements in music technology and abundance of plugins makes it effortless to quickly set up a home recording studio that can produce high-quality records.
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Home recording Recordio Disc 1951
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Wilcox-Gay Recordio Disc home recorded 78 rpm record
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Wilcox-Gay Recordio Disc home recorded record
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The recordio came out in 1939, and reportedly sold 25,000 units the first year. The company continued to make similar machines in the 1950’s, but later models included a magnetic recorder in the same unit, which would allow recording a master before cutting the disk.
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As a rule of thumb, home recording studio computers should meet the following minimum requirements: Processing power – The processor speed should be your top concern when assessing processing power for audio production. The more cores and faster clock speed the PC has, the more power it will have.
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By the 1970s, most everyone had some sort of cassette recorder and people used them to record everything from conversations to radio and TV broadcasts. This set the stage for the home video revolution with the dawn of VHS and Betamax formats for home recording. So, how did people come to embrace the concept of home recording?
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recordio Discs were a popular brand of home recording discs produced by the Wilcox-Gay Corp. in the US for use on their recordio machines. Wilcox-Gay began producing recordio machines in 1939, and as well as being able to play standard 78 rpm records, the machines had a microphone that could be used to transcribe audio onto a blank recordio Disc.
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Basic home recording Studio Equipment 1. Computer The Hub of Digital Production Ideal Specs Mac or PC? Laptop or Desktop? 2. DAWYour Preferred recording Software 3. Audio InterfaceThe Bridge Between Analog and Digital Port Considerations 4. MIDI ControllerA Way to Your Instruments 5. Microphone, Pop Shield, StandRecord Clear Sound
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Some of the world’s best musicians are spurning professional studios and equipment in favor of recording from the comfort of their own homes. Foo Fighters, Owl City, Daniel Bedingfieldand Bon Iverhave all created amazing albums and critically-acclaimed hits thanks to the more relaxed environment of a garage, a bedroom and even a hunting camp.