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list of The 100 Most Common french Phrases french Pronunciation English Greetings Salut sa loo Hey Bonjour bon jour Hello/Good day Bon soir! bon swah Good evening! Comment ça va? / Comment allez-vous? (form.) komon sa va?/komon-tallay voo How are you? Ça va bien, merci. sa va byan mair see I’m good, thanks.
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One of the cornerstones of being fluent in french is to know a lot of french vocabulary. In this section, you'll find not only reliable lists of french vocabulary (many with audio recordings) but also explanations, relevant cultural advice, french pronunciation tips, etc… In other words, not just bullet lists of french vocabulary, but truly useful french vocabulary lists!
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french has two words for each of the following: year, day, morning, and evening, and they cause no end of difficulties for non-native speakers. Why is it that English can get away with one word for each of these temporal markers when french needs two? The answer lies in how you look at them. B1 - Intermediate french • suffixes • synonyms. Next.
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This page is your gateway to learning the french language with vocabulary words! My name is David Issokson and I’m an online french teacher. I’ve created over 100 vocab lists covering many subjects. In addition to this list other useful resources include my private lessons via Skype as well as frenchPod101.
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french word list for everyday conversation. Here's a list of common french phrases that will help you communicate whilst travelling in France. Your trip will be much more enjoyable if you have a basic french vocabulary and the locals will appreciate your efforts.
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Whether you’ve just started learning french or will be taking a trip to France you’ll find this to be an essential must-know vocab list. To do the lesson just click on any of the french words and listen to the audio pronunciation. These words deal with basic greetings, meeting people and language difficulties. Enjoy and good luck! Bonne Chance!
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The words I’ve selected are among the 100 most common words in french. Knowing these words will not only give your child more confidence when reading texts in french but will also improve your child’s writing in french. Here is the list of words that I’ve chosen: le. la. un. une. a.
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The English language has inherited quite a few french cognates – which means that french words are used in English. Discover 99 examples.
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Match french Beach words and Pictures Match 10 french beach words to their pictures. The words are: soleil/sun, château de sable/sandcastle, parasol/beach umbrella, serviette de plage/beach towel, lunettes de soleil/sunglasses, glace/popsicle, écran total/sun block, ballon de plage/beachball, coquillage/seashell, chapeau de plage/sun hat.
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Ahhh, french fashion.There are a zillion specific words to describe french clothes, however lists on the web are usually very limited. Here is a longer list which will help you master french clothing vocabulary.