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A recording studio is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal... See more >>>


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You can set up a home recording studio with a pretty small budget. At the very least, you’ll need a computer, a DAW/Audio interface combo, studio monitors, one set of headphones, one mic, a few cables, and one mic stand. [5] It is possible to put together a basic setup for around $400.
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As you might already know from experience, professional recording studios can get expensive in a hurry. While costs vary, the typical rates for professional recording can be as “low” as $50 per hour and as high as $500 per hour, perhaps more if you live in a big city.
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Now that you have a studio you’re comfortable working in, it’s time to work on getting some equipment to make the recording actually happen! Below are the five most basic pieces of gear you’ll need to get started: 1. Camera When it comes to using a camera for a recording, use what you know!
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Bring at least one table or desk into your recording studio room and set it up. Place all your equipment (computer and accessories, studio monitors, audio interface) on the table or desk, in the configuration you want. Attach all the cables for these items. [12] Place your chair at the table or desk and take a seat.
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The Top 4 recording studio Design Mistakes 1. Small Spaces 2. Noise 3. Poor Flooring 4. Poor Acoustics STEP 2: Clear Out the Room STEP 3: Add Acoustic Treatment STEP 4: Arrange Your Workstation STEP 5: Arrange Your Stations The SOLO recording studio Setup The DUAL recording studio Setup The Hybrid Setup The “DAW Remote” 3 More Useful Accessories 1.
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Cables are needed to connect the components and xlr cables will do the job, at first you won’t need to purchase a lot but as time goes by you will see yourself with a handful of cables (Trust me on this one). 3.Software As for software for recording while on a budget, there are many great tools out there to choose from.
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Make a pop shield out of a pair of tights and a wire coat hanger. CABLES With a laptop, most things are USB but there’s a bit of jiggery pokery required to plug your MIDI controller or microphone directly into a phone or tablet.