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Home recording is the practice of recording sound in a private home instead of a professional recording studio. A studio... See more >>>


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These mostly intuitive programs take a little time and maybe some online lessons to get going, but once you learn the shortcuts, and the ins and outs, this software will have you making pro studio quality music in no time when paired with the right hardware. Building your own home recording studio isn’t always quick, and it isn’t always easy.
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To make a recording studio, start by choosing a windowless, well-insulated room that's large enough to hold a small table and at least one person. As for equipment, at minimum you'll need a computer, a DAW/Audio interface combo, studio monitors, headphones, a mic, a few cables, and a mic stand.
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For both teaching music lessons and writing/producing music, the key to a successful home studio comes from an ability to focus. Things like; setting up your space in an isolated part of the house, strategically hanging sound absorption panels on the wall, bass traps in the corners, and making sure the doorway is fairly well-sealed help keep ...
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Make sure your two studio monitors and your head form an equilateral triangle (e.g., that all 3 items are the same distance apart from each other). For example, if you’ve placed your studio monitors 10 feet (3.0 m) apart, your head also needs to be 10 feet (3.0 m) from each monitor.
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7. A Mic Stand. While many beginners assume that all mic stands are the same…. The truth is…a solid mic stand is one of the most worthwhile investments a new home studio can make. However, since mic stands can get pricey, and most beginners are on tight budgets….
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Normally I am reluctant to suggest a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for any purchases when building a music studio, and only give advice based on my specific circumstances. However, I am going to gleefully throw that philosophy out the window and make the following recommendation: your music studio will benefit from having an SM57.
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Smaller speakers won’t extend down as far. This will make it harder to hear what’s going on in your recordings. Try to find speakers that extend to 40 Hz or below. Connectivity. Your studio monitors will have XLR, 1/4″, or RCA inputs. Make sure these are the same type of connectors your interface uses.