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One of the best (and most popular) ways for musicians on a limited budget to cut cost corners is to build a DIY recording studio. Since most musicians don’t double as carpenters, we’ve assembled some simple tips on how to build your own recording studio, and to gather the equipment you need to run it.
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At the very least, you’ll need a computer, a DAW/Audio interface combo, studio monitors, one set of headphones, one mic, a few cables, and one mic stand. It is possible to put together a basic setup for around $400. You probably don’t want to go much lower, though, or the music quality will suffer. 4 Design a signal pathway.
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How to build a home studio - What do you need?
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Here are the things I recommend to create your home music studio: The Room for your Home studio Acoustic Treatment studio Desk studio Chair studio Computer music Production Software (DAW) Software Instruments & Effects Audio Interface MIDI Keyboard Microphone studio Monitors studio Headphones Instruments DAW Controller 1.
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Start a recording studio by following these 10 steps: Plan your Recording studio Form your Recording studio into a Legal Entity Register your Recording studio for Taxes Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card Set up Accounting for your Recording studio Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Recording studio Get Recording studio Insurance
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For a standard project studio in a small 10×10 room, these are the EXACT ones I recommend: Mogami Silver XLR 25ft (1x) ( for your mic ) ( Amazon / B&H) Mogami Silver XLR 6ft (2x) ( for your monitors ) ( Amazon) But before you buy those monitor cables, double-check that the stereo output of your audio interface has XLR connectors.
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Preparing the studio Room Download Article 1 Choose a room in your home that’s comfortable and heated/cooled. Select a room or a part of a room in your home for your recording studio location. Opt for a room that you will feel comfortable in for long periods of time. Also, select a room where you can control the temperature all year round.
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Some degree of soundproofing may be required in order to create a useable workspace for yourself. 3. Poor Flooring For your recording room, hard flooring such as concrete, tile, or hardwood is ideal. Carpeted rooms often cause problems for two reasons: studios get a lot of foot traffic, and carpet wears out quickly.