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🍃3. Spend time in nature I live in a small forest, that's how much I love nature!! The trees are healing. We get so busy that we forget to spend time grounding ourselves and soaking up mother...
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list of Good habits for Busy People in The 21st Century: 1. Reminders 2. Ignorance 3. Courage 4. Thoughtfulness 5. Adaptability 6. Reflection 7. Solitude 8. Motivation 9. Progress 1. Reminders Yes, reminders to get up and do what you plan to do. But mainly reminding yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. Are you building a website?
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Fold/put away laundry before you go to bed so you’re not left with piles of clean but crushed clothes adding to the clutter. 6. Don’t check emails first thing in the morning until you’ve got time to deal with any that need actioning. 7.
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Keep Multiple lists 13. Focus on Your Strengths 14. Help Others 15. Commit to Learning 16. Embrace Failure 17. Identify Hidden Opportunities 18. Believe in Yourself 19. Network and Build Connections 20. Keep Your Promises and Be Punctual 21. Be a Leader, not a Micromanager 22. Know How to Speak 23. Learn to listen Final Thoughts on Good Work habits
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The rest of the list covers diet, physical activity, exposure to nicotine (including secondhand smoke), weight, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. Addressing each of those factors can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and help ward off a heart attack or stroke. Why did the AHA add sleep to the list?
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We’ve got three conversation starters so you’ll always be prepared. 7. They Take Charge When faced with a workplace challenge, a project roadblock, or low team morale, most people shrug and say, “Well, there’s not much I can do about it.” The most successful people, on the other hand, take action. 8. They Look for Leadership Opportunities
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6 habits for Healthier Eating Find: Fitness Classes Near You 15. Avoid the Treat Trap 15 of 21 After a long workout, set a limit of "reward calories," Nisevich Bede says. "A safe number is 200 reward calories, and if you went for a really, really long workout, 400 calories."
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7 Healthy habits For Teens 1. Establish healthy eating routines Healthy eating isn’t limited to making healthy food choices. It also talks about eating timely and regularly. Instruct your teens to follow these healthy eating routines: Have your breakfast every day. Have your meals and snacks on time.