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Here’s a list of 19 healthy eating habits below: Drink an 8-ounce glass of water very first thing in the morning. Keep a full bottle on your desk and drink water throughout the day. Substitute one unhealthy food choice for healthy food (ie: rather than snacking on chips, eat carrots with hummus).
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Some examples of breaking bad habits include: Quitting smoking Drinking less alcohol Stopping biting your nails Cutting back on junk food Trying not to stay up so late Watching less television Scrolling through social media less often Not spending money
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This is also a great habit to do with kids since it’s fun to keep track of all the colors throughout the day. 3. Cook more homemade meals When life gets hectic, it’s easy to start reaching for microwave meals or ordering takeout. In exchange, your wallet gets emptier while your sodium/oil/sugar/you-name-it consumption rises.
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5. Exercise Daily. One of the good habits to have is to exercise your body and muscles on a daily basis. You don’t have to run a marathon or lift tons of weights. You only need to engage in activities that oxygenate your blood and inject endorphins in your body, trying to squeeze in at least 15 minutes every day.
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Exceptionally powerful habits 1. Wake up early. The key to peak performance is to get enough sleep. As such, it can make a great difference to shift from being a night owl to an early riser. Waking up early can, among many other benefits, dramatically increase your productivity.
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The good habits list Breakdown 1. Exercise Regularly 2. Healthy and Regular Meals 3. A Sleep Routine 4. Drink Plenty of Water 5. No Snooze Button! 6. Tidy Up Daily 7. Make Time for Yourself 8. Keep a Daily list 9. Save Money 10. Do the Most Important thing in the Morning Summary The good habits list Breakdown 1. Exercise Regularly
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Personal good habits list Make yourself feel better by choosing a few of these habits to practice daily. Get up half an hour earlier Go to bed half an hour earlier Laugh every day Start a journal and write in it for 10 minutes each day Note 3 things you are grateful for each day Be honest with yourself and with others
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This can include awareness of appearance, personal hygiene, eye contact, body language, personal presence and the content of your communications. Quality Time Scheduling time for family, friends, community, altruism, leisure, recreation, exercise, learning and other important pursuits.
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Here is a list of 31 good habits for your reference… good habits to Improve Your Career, Professional Life, and Business 1. Take at least one action that will move you to your goal One of the best habits anyone can adopt is the habit of taking action. Each day, commit to taking at least one action that will move you toward your goal.
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Sure, everyone says they're ready for a total reset every Jan. 1, but there are indeed many personal habits that you can improve easily — and often for free.These range from the basics such as exercising more and eating better to finding easier ways to save money. When combined, they just might add up to a new you in the new year. Sponsored: Find a Qualified Financial Advisor