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50. There are a few main ways to say "you're welcome" in french: Je vous en prie / Je t'en prie. I feel this is a little more formal than the others, but is the canonical french response to "thank you". In some sense, it can be equivalent to "don't worry about it".
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Good ladies, your welcome has touched me deeply. Mesdames, votre accueil m'a profondément touché. Witches of the french quarter, Thank you for your welcome. Sorcières du quartier français, merci pour votre accueil. I'll say good day and thank you all for your welcome. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée et vous remercie de votre accueil.
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De rien (pronounced dah ree-EHN), meaning "It's nothing.""Merci beaucoup" is french for 'thank you very much'. "Merci" is 'thank you'. french people usually answer "de rien" or "je vous en prie ...
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To welcome an entity on its arrival to a certain location for example your home, a city or country, you can execute the word “bienvenue”. You can use this phrase in an event like when the guest arrives at your front door and you want to welcome them right just after the physical contact like shaking hands or kissed them cheeks.
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Again a nuance. I am 77 now and the way I was taught french by my grand mother (born) 1869 differs slightly from to-days parlance. The basic rule the old lady hammered in my mind was : “No ready-made answers, make a proper sentence”. Hence the rig...
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how to say You’re welcome: 16 Ways to say It & 4 Ways to Use It There’s a common expression in English that says “ variety is the spice of life.” It means in order for things to be interesting, they need to be new, different and constantly changing.
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Get more free lessons and practice: https://aslmeredith.com/newsletterLearn about the online beginner course: http://bit.ly/ASLbeginnerFAQ: When someone says...
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Possessive adjectives (my, your, ...) Let's start with the possessive adjectives ( les adjectifs possessifs ). In french, they agree with the following noun. But in the plural, there is no difference between masculine and feminine. C'est le chat de Marie ; c'est son chat.