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say "de rien" (duh ree-ehn) in most informal situations. "De rien" literally means "of nothing" and is one of the most common ways to say "you're welcome" in french. Typically, you would use this if someone thanked you for something that was relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
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The Formal One: Je vous en prie Je vous en prie is the most formal, traditional way to say “you’re welcome” in french. This is the phrase to employ in a business setting or when you want to show someone extra respect.
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The french for your welcome is votre accueil. Find more french words at wordhippo.com!
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Using De rien to say you're welcome in french De rien is probably the most common way of saying “you’re welcome” in french which, when translated literally, means “of nothing”. You can think of it in the same way to how we say “it’s nothing” in English.
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The most common way to say “You’re welcome” in Swiss french is a single word: Service. As you can probably guess, this comes from the expression À votre service (At your service). But as this article points out , while that expression exists in french, just saying Service won’t be understood as a way to say “You’re welcome ...
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De rien means “there is nothing to thank for”. This is the most common way of saying “you’re welcome” in french. It minimizes the reason why someone is thanking you in the first place. Consider this casual exchange with a friend:
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There are a few main ways to say "you're welcome" in french: Je vous en prie / Je t'en prie I feel this is a little more formal than the others, but is the canonical french response to "thank you". In some sense, it can be equivalent to "don't worry about it".
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You're welcome (common response to 'merci - thank you'. The literal meaning is 'of nothing' or 'no need for thanks') 2. Il n'y a pas de quoi!