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say "merci. " The single word merci is the most common way to say "thank you" in french. It is used by all french speakers and will be understood anywhere in the world where french is spoken. Merci is used in both formal and casual settings, and the spelling does not change regardless of the person you're thanking.
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The most common word to saythank you’ or simply ‘thanks’ in french is “ merci “. It’s pronounced like “mair see” (watch out, no “mur” sound!!). The “you” part is included, so watch out, we don’t say “merci tu” like I sometimes hear students say.
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thank you” in french to a stranger: Je vous remercie In french, there are two forms of the word “you”. Vous is the formal version of “you”. Tu is the informal version.
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Je vous remercie d’avance (“I thank you in advance”) This is mostly a written form of thank you in french. you might want to add a noun verb on to the end of it, e.g. “Merci d’avance d’examiner ma proposition.” thank you for… coming/the chocolates
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Formal ways to say thank you in french The ways of thanking mentioned above may be used in formal situations. But if you really wish to be more formal in expressing your thanks, you can say: Je vous remercie – I thank you
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Merci is the most common way to say thank you or thanks in french. you can use it whether you’re talking to your best friend, a seller, a waiter or your boss without any risk of offending anyone. however, it may be considered a bit cold and short depending on the context.
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To take it a step further and explain why you’re thanking someone, add pour (for) and a noun, or de and a verb. For example, you might say: Je te remercie pour ton cadeau généreux. (I thank you for your generous gift.)
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Simple ways to say thank you In response to an offer, merci can mean “ no.” Expressing thanks in general * All of these can be used with te or vous, depending on your relationship to the person – learn more: Te vs vous.
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Te is a second person pronoun (in french) indicating that you are talking with a family member or a very close friend. Remercie is a conjugated form from “remercier” (verb) which means “to thank” (in English). There is a standard way to pronounce it: zhuh tu ray-mare-see.