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Hamish Dickinson & Phoenix Sound provides a personal, individually tailored recording experience for musicians and businesses in a beautiful purpose-built studio in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Hamish works one-on-one with bands and artists across different genres, producing their albums and E.P.s, from first recording, through mixing and mastering, to the final product.
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2. Source and create your backdrops. As is the case with your studio space, you don’t need to splurge on an elaborate backdrop. While having several is best, there’s nothing wrong with starting out with just one. Ideally, your first backdrop should be a neutral color like white, gray, or black.
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To make a recording studio, start by choosing a windowless, well-insulated room that's large enough to hold a small table and at least one person. As for equipment, at minimum you'll need a computer, a DAW/Audio interface combo, studio monitors, headphones, a mic, a few cables, and a mic stand. Then, map out your basic setup for the recording system, which takes in audio and records it either ...
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The cheapest and easiest way to create a recording studio is to record using your laptop or phone using natural light from a window as a light source. Natural lighting is very flattering and can drastically improve the quality of your video, but you’ll need to consider where the light is coming from to avoid exposure issues. The best positioning for lighting from a window is beside or in ...
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In a small room, the ability to shoot full length body shots may not be possible. Half-length may be the norm, for example, a TV newscaster-like setup where the talent is seated behind a table. So the next step is to create a “dead zone” in the room. It’s both for what the camera can hear and an “on-air zone” for what it will see.
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The first thing to note when setting up a home recording studio is that while having really high quality and expensive gear and a multimillion-dollar facility is a great asset for making professional recordings, it pales in comparison to how important the actual skills are required to make a great recording and/or mix.
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It may seem like a small detail, but having a waiting area can really help to make your clients happy and comfortable before and after their shoot. You don’t even need a special room for this. You can use your garden, an entry way, or a balcony for your clients to wait their turn, or wait for their prints to be made. Add some seating and a side-table with some magazines to keep them busy ...
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Thankfully, you don’t have to replicate a Hollywood studio to create a strong aesthetic. Here are 3 quick tips to keep in mind: Look for cozy corners of your home that are intimate but not cluttered. Use plants, desks, ornaments, chairs, books, and cushions to add character to your videos (but not all at once)
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So ahead, 16 ways you can use room dividers to create a customized space that’s rental- and budget-friendly. 1. Repurpose a clothing rack. This studio apartment separates a bed from the rest of the space with a clothing rack that houses décor rather than clothes. 2.
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No matter how tiny that studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space. Here are some actually feasible ideas that don't involve remodeling or a completely unrealistic warehouse loft.