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Something like this. For your home recording studio setup concerns, I recommend you start only with one or two microphones. Eventually, you will be collecting more microphones as you progress. The subject of Microphones is a very broad one that it requires an entirely separate post to cover everything.
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For a basic set up you will need a computer, recording software, an audio interface, midi keyboard, microphone, headphones and small studio monitors (also called near field monitors). Near field monitors have more clarity than main monitors because they are designed for accuracy over volume.
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Eclectic basement recording studio, Charlotte The basement can be a great space to build a studio. This one in Charlotte makes great use of the space. The colors and lighting are gorgeous. And they make an otherwise dark room feel bright and spacious. More photos. 4. Spyglass studio control room, Austin
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The 7 Pieces of Equipment to Get Your Bedroom Music studio On-Point! 1. recording Interface – Capture the Sound You’re going to need a recording interface to get your musical creations from your instrument to your laptop. This is the crucial bit of equipment for making music that you need. Without it, you cannot record music.
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home recording studio ideas home recording studio Example A Breakdown: 1. Bass traps in upper corners to dampen low end frequencies and prevent standing waves. 2. Acoustic foam panels on side wall to absorb first reflections and lower reverberation time. 3. Acoustic foam panels on ceiling to absorb first reflections and stop echoes. 4.
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Basic - Acoustic Guitar without Pickups + Vocals Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar with Pickups + Vocals Keys - Keyboard with MIDI + Vocals Bass - Bass Guitar Only YouTube - Guitar with Pickups + Vocals Live setup Drums - Live Drum Kit Only Complete Diagrams Gallery You Are Here: home Page > Complete setup Diagrams
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Photos of home recording studios to give ideas for your own home studio set up. A description and comments about each home recording studio idea is located below the gallery identified by the name of each photo. We picked some sample photos of different home or project recording studios to use as a reference for designing your own home studio.
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2. Position your monitors along the short wall Sonic reflections that travel from the speaker to a nearby wall and back to your ear will arrive earlier (in fewer milliseconds) than reflections that travel to a wall that’s farther away from you. As sound travels farther, its intensity (sound level) lessens proportionately to the distance.
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Recommended home recording studio Gear If you know all about the gear and software required for a basic recording setup and want my recommendations, here they are: Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Microphone: Shure SM57 DAW: PreSonus studio One or Reaper DAW Controller: any controller in this guide
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