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home recording is the practice of recording sound in a private home instead of a professional recording studio. A studio... See more >>>


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STEP 1: Choose the Best Room The Top 4 recording studio Design Mistakes 1. Small Spaces 2. Noise 3. Poor Flooring 4. Poor Acoustics STEP 2: Clear Out the Room STEP 3: Add Acoustic Treatment STEP 4: Arrange Your Workstation STEP 5: Arrange Your Stations The SOLO recording studio Setup The DUAL recording studio Setup The Hybrid Setup The “DAW Remote”
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1. Choose the right room. Most homes aren't designed with home recording in mind. They lack the high ceilings and varied surfaces of a professional recording studio design. Still, some rooms work better for recording than others. If possible, pick a room that has a solid wood door, very few windows, and a carpeted floor.
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A home studio is a collection of equipment for recording or producing music at home. A basic home studio is made up of several pieces of equipment that function together to let you produce music. Any home studio setup will need this recording equipment: Laptop or Desktop Computer DAW software Audio interface Headphones studio Monitors Microphones
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Sensibly locating the music room is step one. Isolating listening and recording spaces from outside noises — coming from the street, your neighbors and even mechanical equipment — is a high...
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A standard recording studio will have a control room for mixing, an isolation booth for recording instruments separately, and a live room for the rest of the band. Measure up your space and decide on the dimensions of each room. Step 3: Soundproofing Unless you plan to never record drums or loud guitars, soundproofing is a must.
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You set your studio monitors on these to put them at the appropriate height so they’re at ear level with you. 7. A MIDI Keyboard This is a keyboard that plugs into your computer and enables you to play virtual instruments in your DAW. A very popular beginner model is the Akai MPK Mini MKII.
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From gear, to decor to storage solutions and even studio chairs, here are our favourite home studio ideas for creating a home studio in your own apartment. 14 Inspiring Small home studio Ideas For Apartments 1. Holy cork Loving the corkboard-styled desk and timeless walnut rack units.
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Daft is a Belgian recording space, one of the biggest in Europe offering residential space. The studios can accommodate any project from recording, mixing, mastering through to full tour pre-production sessions. The 8 person Artist Penthouse offers unbeatable views of the surrounding forest and catering is available if needed.
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home recording studio Design to Try on Your Bedroom on a Budget 1. Soundproof a Room Using Drapes Soundproofing is very important especially when you’re making a recording studio. Preserving the best possible sound from a source such as an instrument or voice is very important.
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Abbey Road studios. 3 Abbey Road. London. NW8 9AY. UK. Please note that Abbey Road is a working studio and business and as such, is not open to the general public for visits or tours. For information on vacancies and internships in the UK, please visit the Universal Music website.