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Here's how to set up your own basic home radio studio with just the essentials. Basic home radio studio Location Having a dedicated space gives you a major boost as it allows you the freedom to record whenever you like - Here are some things to think about when choosing a location. Noise
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Connecting your radio equipment First, connect your microphones to your mixer. Then connect the amplifier to the mixer. Add the headphones to the amplifier. And finally, connect your computer with your broadcasting software to your mixer. Don’t forget your USB interface so you can connect the mixer to the computer.
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Radio Studio Setup for Complete Novices
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Setting Up a Professional radio studio: What You Need to Know radio.co 42.2K subscribers Subscribe 4K 451K views 5 years ago Want to setup your own professional radio studio but not...
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For this setup, we’ve chosen to use 2 Behringer XM8500 Ultravoice microphones. Why? If there are several people in the same studio, you’ll definitely need several mics. Since your mixer has two mono inputs, using a set of two mics will allow you to broadcast two hosts from your studio. How much is it? $23 / £19 (x2) Cables for your home studio
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radio studio setup for Complete Novices 21,360 views Mar 27, 2020 243 Dislike Share radio.co 39.7K subscribers Make a studio your own. Carve out a space suitable for even the most...
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How To setup a radio studio: The Basics - YouTube Skip navigation 0:00 / 3:49 • Chapters How To setup a radio studio: The Basics 17,088 views Jul 31, 2015 89 Dislike Share Save radio.co...
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Now we have our professional studio setup. Audio travels from the studio to listeners by going through the microphone > mic processor > mixing desk > mix engine > computer > radio.co. Alternative Audio Equipment Being the proactive broadcaster you are, you may want to see what else the market can offer before you make a firm decision.
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Using our software is easy; Login to your radio.co Dashboard. Click and drag on the calendar at the point you wish to schedule the event. A popup will appear- confirm the start/end times are correct. Select a playlist from the drop-down (this will be used as a backup in the event the DJ is unable to connect).