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Here are our 10 habits of successful people. You’ll also like: Sylvester Stallone’s Dangerous ‘Rocky’ Diet & Workout Plan 109-Year-Old WWII Veteran Reveals His Unusual Secret to Life Detox Diets 101: Do They Really Work? 1. Wake Up Early (Without an Alarm) No day has ever started asleep. That’s a fact. But heaps of days have been wasted sleeping.
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successful people work on both their strengths and weaknesses. They feel believe in the ability to acquire new skills and gradually become better and better at something. The fewer weaknesses they have, the better prepared they will be for whatever life throws at them. This makes them a more well rounded person. #5. THEY FOCUS ON WHAT THEY WANT
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23 daily habits Practiced by Highly successful people (Article by Christina DesMarais originally appeared in Inc.) One thing which separates high achievers from regular people: intention. Meaning, if you get up every day and just coast wherever events and situations take you, you’re going to end up somewhere other than the ideal place.
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successful people practice gratitude. They do not expect life to hand them success; they make plans and work for it, feeling genuinely grateful for each opportunity they receive and each challenge they experience. Being thankful is a trait you can cultivate daily with the simple act of writing down three things you’re grateful for each day.
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successful people are successful because they’ve chosen to act; to do something about their dreams. They aren’t the type to sit around and daydream. When they want something, they’re going to go for it — even taking action through failures. Author Angela Duckworth has said that successful people have what is called a “growth mindset”.
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Here are seven habits of successful people you need to adopt: 1. Be purpose-oriented A purpose gives direction to life. Without it, you end up living by somebody else’s standards, or just follow the crowd and never live up to your full potential. But, hey! You’re an individual. What’s more, you have powers within you waiting to be unlocked.
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Work habit #5: Schedule creativity It sounds counterintuitive, but creativity doesn't happen by chance. You have to work diligently and methodically to make it happen. Take poet and civil rights...
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How to adjust your schedule: Plan two hours work you will do during your free time, from replying to emails to making important calls. This will help you to get ahead and stay ahead. 3. They do important work first. Many people arrive at the office and start their day with the little tasks, like emailing and admin.
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Highly successful people don’t skip meals, sleep or breaks in the pursuit of more, more, more. Instead, they view food as fuel, sleep as recovery and breaks as opportunities to recharge in order...
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Eat just enough of the right foods to power through your workday or your workout. Save junky meals and snacks for special occasions when you can enjoy them guilt-free. Millionaires never stop learning Audio books. Podcasts. Real books. TED Talks on YouTube. Whatever the forum, wealthy folks are absorbing more knowledge, Corley says.