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In this section, you'll find not only reliable lists of french vocabulary (many with audio recordings) but also explanations, relevant cultural advice, french pronunciation tips, etc… In other words, not just bullet lists of french vocabulary, but truly useful french vocabulary lists! Master Guides Audio Lessons Videos most popular
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Learning french vocabulary is your gateway to speaking french. The most common words and include are Bonjour (hello), Comment allez-vous? (how are you?), merci beaucoup (thank you very much), de rien (you’re welcome) and au revoir (goodbye). The page offers several learning tips, 50+ basic words as well as vocabulary lists by topic.
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Here's the list of most common french words along with their English translation. Note that some words in the list perform a similar function and can be grouped into a single entry with a higher combined rank. These words include: de and d' -- translated as of, from, by, than, in, with.
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Below you will find our list of the most common french words sorted by category. This is a great starting point to discover the popular words used in french and getting familiar with the french pronunciation. Most popular and common french words Bonjour Hello Salut Hi Bonsoir Good evening Enchanté (e) Nice to meet you Ça va ?
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100 most common french verbs to know 100 Verbs of movement & action Love & wedding Trees, plants and gardening Astronomy, space and the universe Crime and criminality Law and Justice The bathroom Describing people Giving directions and situate things School and Education Family members Gestures & positions War and peace History and Past
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The most commonly used words in french are: Oui (yes), non (no), merci (thank you), je (I), tu/vous (you), le/la/les (the), un, une des (a, an and some), le/la/les (it, them), et (and) and mais (but). What are the most frequently used french words? Learning the most common words is the first step to learning to speak fluently.
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The french suffix -ée is added to nouns or verbs to make new nouns, which are usually feminine. gender • nouns • spelling • suffixes vocabulary lists -et and -ette Suffix The french suffixes -et (masculine) and - ette (feminine) can be added to nouns (including proper nouns), verbs, and adjectives. nouns • suffixes Grammar Lessons -issime Suffix
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La couture (Sewing) La nourriture (Food) Les fruits (Fruit) Les légumes (Vegetables) La nourriture (Food) La nourriture II (Food II) Les bonbons (Sweets) Les boissons (Drinks, Beverages) Les animaux (Animals) Les animaux de la ferme (Farm Animals) Les animaux de compagnie (Pets) Les insectes (Insects) Les oiseaux (Birds) Les mammifères (Mammals)