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From the historical point of view, french canadian people originated from the west of France, mainly from places like Anjou, Aunis, Beauce, Brittany, Maine, Normandy, Perche, Poitou, and Touraine, with many french people settling in Canada in the mid 18th century. The majority of these settled in Quebec.
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There are about 10,000 french-canadian names and variants, and many more french names in use in France. In the lists below, asterisks will differentiate these names: ** : french-canadian names in common use. They can be found in the phonebook of Montréal, for example. * : french names which are very rare or not found anymore in Quebec.
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Since Canada is a bilingual country, it is no surprise that many canadian parents use french names for their babies. Here are the most popular ones in Quebec and in the rest of Canada. Most popular names for girls in Quebec According to the Quebec government, the most popular baby names in Quebec for girls are:
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Acadian Family names of the 18th Century; Surnames Appearing on CDs; Families. Acadian Family names 1700 to 1755 and Variations; Nicknames ("Dit" names) Louisiana judge put the ‘x’ in Cajun names; Family names and Nicknames in Colonial Québec; french first/given names (prénoms français) Acadian french-canadian Name Variations ...
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Laviolette french, french (Quebec), french (Acadian) A secondary surname, associated with some forty family names in Canada and also used independently since 1698, a nickname from the flower violette ‘violet’, with the definite article la. In feudal France it was a name given to soldiers and domestic servants.
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The dit names often came from the name of the country, city, town, french province, or parish the individual family was from. For example Daigle dit l’Allemand was from Germany. Sometimes the given or first name became the dit name: descendants of Germain Gauthier could become Gauthier dit Germain.
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Claudelle f french (Quebec, Rare) french feminine diminutive of Claude (Compare Claudette ). Cléophe m & f french (Quebec, Archaic) Variant form of Cléophas (masculine) and Cléophée (feminine). A known bearer of this name was the canadian political figure Cléophe Cimon (1822-1888).
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french canadian Family names. french Canada; family names, french Canada, tips & tricks; Leave a comment; Let’s talk about family names that you might come across when researching your ancestors from New France. I have to be honest, when I first started my own research, I was oblivious to different variations of family names, their various ...