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Let’s learn basic french words like playing games! Play cards, get experience points, beat the levels and collect new cards for free! Using the game-based method to keep the learning process fun at LingoCards, we make learning french language from your mother tongue possible and our learning method is based on science and game-based methods.
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elearningfrench - Learn french online with our free courses (24 interactive lessons with audio), dictionaries and much more french course for beginners - Lesson 4 - Useful words www.elearningfrench.com
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Learn english to french words and their meaning. If you want to learn french super fast we strongly recommend you to try the scientific language app uTalk, it’s specially good for learning french. You get to learn over 2500 words and phrases and will be able to have your first conversation in french within minutes.
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Learn french for all levels.This is part of our free study material for the theme "L'école" - school. Find flashcards with audio, online games and printable ...
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These 19 french lessons will start you off easy. Each of these 19 french listening videos, for absolute beginners, is about 2 minutes long. Thats 38 minutes of french language lessons absolutely gratuit free of charge ☺. french Language for: "Intermediates". Displaying results from: french, Videos, Tutorials.
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Learn french - 200 words a Day! easy to Use Software CD-Rom Turbo-boost your french learning with this CD-Rom course! Over 1,000 words, each with: Individual Memory Triggers© help you learn french words and french phrases quick, fast. Cartoon pictures for each and every word! including many animations.
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Practice Makes Perfect: french Vocabulary is designed as a review and enrichment tool for the advanced beginner and intermediate learner of french. Th e book is divided into four major parts (Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs) and twenty-four thematically organized units. Whether you are studying french in class,
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1. “Une voiture” is a feminine singular noun (a car is feminine in french, and there is only one car here). If you still feel confused about noun gender in french, feel free to check out this lesson right here . 2. “Des voitures” is a feminine plural noun (more than one car), therefore, the adjective “bleu” will also be feminine plural.
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Learn basic french with our basic french lessons. Just click on the french lesson you want to watch. Learn french with real french natives. Try it now!
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This french pronunciation trainer has high-definition audio recordings of 37,600 french words. Check the advanced options and discover all the available settings: set the playback speed: 100%, 75% or 50%, see the spelling and/or phonetic transcription of each word, set the number of times each word will be repeated,