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building a home music studio is fairly easy. Depending on the size of your space and the level of tone or sound quality you want, it can also be fairly affordable. Here are the basic steps you need to know to start building your very own home music studio. Page Contents: Choosing Your Space Prepping the Room Buying Your Equipment Start Making Space
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Ideally choose a room with high ceilings, symmetrical walls, and irregular surfaces – a rectangular-shaped room is best. Clear out the space Once you’ve chosen your studio location, it’s time to prepare the space for recording. Clear the floor space, take everything off the walls, and remove anything that vibrates.
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How to build a home studio - What do you need?
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How to build a home recording studio? 1. Room Selection The first thing we need is a room where your gears will be set up. Keep in mind that the room’s nature also plays an important role when you are setting up a recording studio.
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studio Monitors 5. DAW 6. Microphones 7. Headphones + Headphone Amp 8. MIDI Keyboard 9. Cables, Stands, and Hardware 10. Room Treatment 10 Steps to building a home Recording studio Step 1: Pick a space The size of your home recording studio depends entirely upon how you plan to use it. Are you planning to track a drum set or a full band?
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Step 1: First we need a way of mounting our heavy panels on the walls. By using batons rather than fixing everything directly to the wall, we can minimise ‘wall trauma’, keeping partners, parents or landlords happy. Use captive fixings/T-nuts to attach long threaded screws to the batons, then fix the batons to the walls using rawl plugs and screws.
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Here are the things I recommend to create your home music studio: The Room for your home studio Acoustic Treatment studio Desk studio Chair studio Computer music Production Software (DAW) Software Instruments & Effects Audio Interface MIDI Keyboard Microphone studio Monitors studio Headphones Instruments DAW Controller 1.
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when putting up a studio wall frame, remember the room-within-a-room principle – that is, rather than fastening the top plate of the frame directly to the joists, use insulating foam in between as well as rubber spacers at each contact point to help keep sound from being transferred throughout the building (a layer of foam should be placed …
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You will notice that two of the essential gear pieces you will need are a computer and a digital audio workstation (DAW). 1) Computer When building your first music studio, your computer is going to be your most important purchase. Having a fast computer will allow you to increase your workflow and eliminate stress when working.