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To get a theme, expand one of the categories below, select a link for the theme, and then select Open. This saves the theme to your PC and puts it on your desktop. If you prefer, some themes can also be installed from the Microsoft Store. Explore themes in the Microsoft Store Animals Art (illustrative) Art (photographic) Automotive Games
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15 best free themes for windows 10 PCs 1. Animal themes 2. Nature themes 3. Comic themes 4. Movies and TV themes 5. Places themes 6. Music themes 7. Art themes 8. Games themes 9. People themes 10. Sports themes 11. Cars themes 12. Anime themes 13. Holiday themes 14. Tech themes 15. best Theme Pro Tip: How to Install free windows 10 themes
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Best Free Themes For Windows 10
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Cool Themes for Windows 10 (Free)
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Best Windows 10 Theme (2022)
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windows themes. Showing 1 - 90 of 304 items Showing 1 - 90 of 304 items. Pantone Color of the Year 2022. free. ... free. free. Austin Botanical Garden by Amy Alderman. free. free. Australian Landscapes by Ian Johnson. free. ... best of Bing 2018 Exclusive. free. free. Bicycles. free. free. Bing Animals. free. free. Bing Fall Colors. free. free ...
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Share your passion for Japanese culture with a great desktop image along with a delicious bowl of ramen and your favorite anime theme song. 3. The Northern Lights The Northern Lights have been a classic choice for wallpapers since the early days of changing backgrounds on PCs.
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One of the best windows 10 themes that is available for free. Price: free Download Now 6. Penumbra 10 Penumbra 10 is one of the best windows 10 Dark themes which work on visual style to offer neutral colors. You can find quality sound effect with music player in the preview image.
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You won't regret downloading this as one of the best windows 10 themes. Download Cherry Blossoms Theme Warm Winter Snuggle up to that fire, or radiator, and enjoy a cup of hot coco while you're...
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best windows 10 Skins and themes Pack 1. Apple macOS Sierra Theme 2. Mac OS X El Capitan 3. Vanilla 4. Aero Glass 5. Ubuntu SkinPack 6. 3D Theme 7. XP themes Final 8. Ades Theme for windows 10 9. Flattastic 10. NVIDIA Theme Conclusion best windows 10 Skins and themes Pack
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Perhaps one of the best windows 10 themes or skins that will bring back all the nostalgia is windows XP, one of the best windows version of all time.. To use this classic windows XP theme you will first need to download and Install “uxstyle Theme Patcher”. Now Unzip & Copy “windows XP” folder to:- C:l windows:l Resources:l themes folder. Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply “XP Luna ...