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home recording is the practice of recording sound in a private home instead of a professional recording studio. A studio... See more >>>


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A basic home studio is made up of several pieces of equipment that function together to let you produce music. Any home studio setup will need this recording equipment: Laptop or Desktop Computer DAW software Audio interface Headphones studio Monitors Microphones Samples Cables
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One day, your studio will have a TONS of different cables. But for now, you only need 3: 1 long XLR cable – to connect your mic to the audio interface 2 short XLR cables – to connect your audio interface to your studio monitors For a standard project studio in a small 10×10 room, these are the EXACT ones I recommend:
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12 home studio Necessities #1: Computer The Best Computers/Laptops for Music Production Back To Table Of Contents Sign Up How To Choose The Ideal Audio Interface Your audio interface is the heart of your home recording studio. While it may look intimidating, it’s nothing more than a fancy routing box.
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In this article, you will find all of the most essential products for your home recording studio (suited for your budget.) This includes: Audio Interface Computer DAW Plugins Microphone Microphone Cable Microphone Stand MIDI Controller Pop Shield studio Headphones Monitor Speakers Acoustic Treatments
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1. A Music Production Computer (Laptop or PC) Your computer will be the heart of your studio. From recording, composing, arranging to mixing – you’ll do most of the work on a computer. Generally speaking, a laptop or desktop PC with at least 16GB of RAM, running on a Core i5 processor is a good start.
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1. Computer Start by picking up a reliable computer, which will serve as the backbone for your home studio. Look for something fast, with decent storage, and capable of easily processing the...