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Saying hello in french Bonjour is the most common and basic greeting. It means “Hello” and “Good morning” and can be used with any person you meet. Salut means “Hi” but be careful, people only use it with people they know really well, like friends, family, and coworkers. The same rule applies with coucou (“hey”).
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basic french Phrases For Conversations. These basic words and phrases are the first level of interactions while traveling and probably the words you will use the most in everyday conversations. So pay special attention to them! These basic words and phrases are the first level of interactions while traveling, and probably the words you will use the most in everyday conversations. So pay special attention to them!
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french adjectives must correspond to the person speaking, so men are “grand” (tall), and women are “grande.” Add “e” to make it a female adjective. It may sound quite simple, but the french also have masculine and feminine things! Over time, you will learn to recognize the gender of words. Sometimes there are rules, and sometimes you must know what is feminine and masculine.
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1. Bonjour — Hello, Good day This phrase is probably the most common greeting you will hear and can be used in formal and informal situations (although it’s more common in formal situations). 2. Bonsoir — Good evening This phrase is used once people start to leave school and work to go home.
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noun (feminine) Les coccinelles descendent le long de la branche. The ladybugs are climbing down the branch. coccinelle rouge avec points noirs red ladybug with black spots Want to Learn Even More french? Free Lifetime Account Sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and unlock 6 powerful learning tools. They’re yours to keep forever.
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recognise and pronounce a few basic french sounds and words understand a few basic notions of french grammar recall some basic facts about french-speaking countries and communities around the world, and understand basic cultural differences understand the skills developed by language learners, including intercultural communication skills.
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french Question words Singular words Below are single words that you can use to start learning how to ask for something. These are the most basic question words in french. Où? – Where? Pourquoi? – Why? Comment? – How? Qui? – Who? Quelle? – What? Quand? – When? Once you learn these, learning complete question sentences becomes easier.
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1. Bonjour (Hello) Pronunciation: bahn-joor This might seem obvious – even those who don’t speak hardly any french most likely know that Bonjour means “Hello.” But what most non-french speakers don’t know is how important saying bonjour actually is. Most french people will take offense if you approach them without saying bonjour first.
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1. Slt – Hello Slt is short for salut, which is a casual way of saying Hello in french. 2. Stp – Please The casual stp, meaning s’il te plaît, often comes in handy if you are asking for something, but only if the other person understands what you are asking for! 3. Svp – Please