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Bonjour (bon zhoor) – Good morning Bonsoir ( bon swar) – Good night/evening Bon après-midi (bon ah-pray mee-dee) – Good afternoon Madame (mah-dahm) – Miss (or Mrs. preceeded by a last name) Monsieur (mihn-see-yuh) – Sir Comment allez-vous? (co-mo-tah-lay-voo) – How are you? Au revoir (o-rhe-vwa) – Good bye Informal Greetings
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For “the”, the french have “le” (masculine), “la” (feminine), and “les” (plural). For the English “a” and “an”, the french use “un” (masculine) and “une” (feminine). Verbs Conjugate Differently: In English, verbs in the present tense have only two forms. For example talk and talks.
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400 French Words for Everyday Life - Basic Vocabulary #20
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Check out this list of the most common french adjectives. To keep things simple, we only indicated the regular, singular forms here. Examples: Mon vieux pull bleu est en mauvais état = My old blue pullover is in bad shape. Il est heureux = He is happy / Elle est heureuse = She is happy.
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basic Greetings in french 1. Hello This is one of the simplest and most important words to learn in french. Bonjour is the standard greeting in France that is equivalent to “ Hello. ” It’s a well-known and widely used way to say “Hello” in Paris, Lyon, and Nice.
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zéro (zay-roh) - zero un (uh) - one deux (deu) - two trois (twah) - three quatre (kat-r) - four cinq (sank) - five six (sees) - six sept (set) - seven huit (weet) - eight neuf (nuf) - nine dix (dees) - ten onze (ohnze) - eleven douze (doos) - twelve treiz (trayz) - thirteen quatorze (kat-or-z) - fourteen quinze (kaz) - fifteen
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Je ne parle pas français (juh nuh pahl pah fron say) = I do not speak french À bientôt (ah byan toe) = See you soon Merci/Merci beaucoup (mair see/mair see bo coo) = Thank you/Thank you very much Au revoir (oh ruh vwah) = Goodbye De rien (uh ryahn) = You’re welcome or it’s nothing Oui (wee) = Yes Non (noh) = No basic french phrases to memorize
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This one is among basic french phrases you tend to hear everywhere: D’accord. — I agree or Of course. It’s also possible to agree by saying a simple “Okay,” but you should try to say it with a french accent.