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The seven habits of highly effective people are as follows: They are proactive. They are focused on long-term goals. They set their priorities. They focus on win-win situations. They communicate by seeking understanding and being understood. They cooperate with others. They reflect on their flaws and work to fix them.
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Habit 1: Be Proactive (Personal Vision) Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind (Personal Leadership) Habit 3: Put First Things First (Personal Management) Part II: Public Victory (Interdependence)...
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Let’s quickly recall these 7 habits Of highly effective people: 1. Be Proactive. 2. Begin With The End In Mind. 3. Put First Things First. 4. Think Win-Win. 5. Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood. 6. Synergize. 7. Sharpen The Saw. I hope you follow at least one of these 7 habits and change your life positively.
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Examples of principles: fairness, integrity, honesty, human dignity, service, excellence, potential, growth. Principles are not values. Principles are the territory. Values are the maps. Principles are not practices: A practice is a specific activity or action. Taking shortcuts to self-improvement often leads to disappointment and frustration.
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7 habits of highly effective people (Image source and credits: Pinterest) Private Victory Habit 1: Be Proactive “There is a gap between stimulus and response and the key to both our growth and happiness is how we use that space.”-Stephen Covey. Real-life example —
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7 habits of highly effective people Short summary The book by Stephen Covey gives people ideas on how to steer their lives in the right direction by transforming their thinking and general perception of life. It outlines the principles that people should live by for them to be successful. Readers get answers on how to live effectively. Being…
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Eat healthy & eat well. Take a rest & relax. Make regular exercise a part of your routine. Read good books. Go for writing. Watch your favourite TV programs. Seek to understand others well at a deeper level. Try to be the reason for improving the lives of others. Try to be the reason for someone else’s success. Daily medication.
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The next three habits ("Think Win-Win," "Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood," and "Synergize!") are intended to bring the person from independence to the final stage, which is interdependence. The final habit, "Sharpen the Saw," is intended to keep this character growth going and make it permanent.
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The book has captivated millions of readers for the past 25 years. The 7 habits of highly effective people has transformed many lives, from parents to presidents to CEOs and educators. Millions of people of all walks of life and across different demographics and occupations have benefited from what Stephen Covey shared in this timeless book.
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people knowingly or unknowingly focus on eight commonly held centers, or paradigms: spouse, family, money, work, possessions, friend/enemy, church, and self. To be truly effective, one must shift focus from one of the eight categories and focus instead on principles.