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in earlier times, the foundation of success rested upon character thic (things like integrit, humilit, fidelit, temperance, courage, justice, patience, industr, simplicit, modest, and the golden rule). ut starting around the 1920s, the wa people viewed success shifted to what cove calls personalit thic (where success is a function of …
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Please refer our full version of The 7 habits of highly effective people summary ( get full 9-page summary here) for more details. HABIT 1: BE PROACTIVE This essentially means to take full responsibility for your lives and choices. To be proactive, you should take the initiative, choose proactive language and focus on your Circle of Influence.
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The 7 habits of highly effective people HABIT 1: Be Proactive HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind: HABIT 3: Put First Things First: The MANAGEMENT habit. Urgent, Important Not urgent, Important HABIT 4: Think Win/Win: HABIT 5: Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood: HABIT 6: Synergize HABIT 7: Sharpening the Saw A CLOSING STORY
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The widely accepted paradigms of human behavior are: 1) Genetic determinism (you are who you are due to your genes) 2) Psychic determinism (your childhood and upbringing shaped your personality) 3) Environmental determinism (the things around you determine who you are) The prevailing view based on these paradigms is that we are animals at our core.
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It is always good to compromise and find the best method of solving issues. The last of the seven habits is to always work on improving yourself. You need to do many exercises, rest when exhausted, and meditate on how your life is going. That way, you can keep your social life, mental state, and your spirituality in balance.
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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 3.36K 7.52K reads Continuous renewal To be effective, we must spend time renewing ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. This must be done regularly and in balanced ways. Seek also to inspire others, by listening to them empathically and encouraging them to be proactive. 3.55K
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Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people has sold over 25 million copies and been labeled the No. 1 most influential business book of the twentieth century. Just over 30 years ago, Utah State leadership professor, Stephen Coney, wrote this prize-winning book with the intention of helping individuals, families, organizations, and ...
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7 habits of highly effective people (Image source and credits: Pinterest) Private Victory Habit 1: Be Proactive “There is a gap between stimulus and response and the key to both our growth and happiness is how we use that space.”-Stephen Covey. Real-life example —
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― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change tags: lens , perceptions 355 likes Like “Habit 1: Be Proactive Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind Habit 3: Put First Things First Habit 4: Think Win/Win Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood Habit 6: Synergize
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I first came across this book about 20 years ago. It has such a catchy title, that since then, I have purchased the paper book, kindle version, and tried picking it (god knows how many times) to try finish reading the book. I was never successful; not even up to the half way mark. This year is the year when I finally managed to check this off my bucket list, and I was really happy to do so ...