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Strumila, 34, is the owner of RandyBillDuck, a performative art studio located at ... goes beyond just recording music or a set for artists. "My whole thing about making this space was to make ...
2 weeks ago - Erie Times-News
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Kimberly Weinert's music studio has made more "Joyful Noise" than she anticipated. Weinert is a former elementary music teacher who left her job at New Diana ISD after eight years when she and her ...
3 weeks ago - Longview News-Journal
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In our Tools Of The Trade series, industry artists and filmmakers speak about their preferred tool on a recent project — be it a digital or physical tool, new or old, deluxe or dirt-cheap. In this installment,
2 weeks ago - Cartoon Brew - ScienceAndTechnology
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Ulf Andersson, who worked on Payday and Payday 2, is returning to the co-op heist genre with his studio 10 Chambers ... gunning your way out of a bank and making off with as much cash as you ...
4 weeks ago - IGN
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Today Mr Tawia creates games and comics himself at his studio, Leti Arts ... developers hope to do for gaming what Afrobeats has done for music and Nollywood for film. Games can give new life ...
2 weeks ago - The Economist - ScienceAndTechnology
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In an interview with NME (opens in new tab), Andersson described the studio's upcoming game by saying ... wheel to play Pool of Radiance. A former music journalist who interviewed everyone ...
4 weeks ago - PC Gamer
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