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Best PC for music production: Our top picks If you’re making the leap from a laptop to a desktop computer-based music studio, you are fortunate enough to have a lot of choice. If you’ve gone down the ready-made route, there are some great options to ...
2 weeks ago - MusicRadar
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The Mac Studio also features the M1 Max ... In this guide we're talking sheer horsepower for music-making. For example, can your portable rig cope with large multitrack sessions, running handfuls of plugins and MIDI instruments? When testing a laptop ...
3 weeks ago - MusicRadar
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"There's a lot less preparation for live music vs studio work" shares editorial music photographer ... shared that "I like to capture people just making a cup of tea or in their natural environment...it's important to capture the moment as frankly as ...
2 weeks ago - digitalcameraworld
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Amid all of the other nonsense on my FYP, I found this earnest indie music. That's the beauty of TikTok. Carpenter, 30, told me in a phone call that the Medium Build TikTok account started taking off once he realized it could be a platform that supports vulnerability.
4 days ago - Mashable
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Sony’s London Studio is working on an as yet untitled online co-op game set in a fantasy rendition of London for PS5. This marks a major shift for the studio away from pioneering games for ...
1 month ago - The Sixth Axis
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BLUAI won the pop competitions Sound Track, De Nieuwe Lichting and Humo’s Rock Rally. Just months after their triumph, the four women curl their debut EP into the nets of the AB.
21 hours ago - BRUZZ
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